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Gain Clarity & Focus

Since working with Elaine, I’ve cut down my email inbox by close to 85%! This has left me with less stress and more clarity, and I can focus on real priorities rather than worrying about how many emails are awaiting my response. Peter G.

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Each week you will get an Action Plan with simple steps to use what you learned on the call. You will get the most benefit by planning an hour between sessions to implement the Action Plan.

You will get the meeting Zoom link a few days prior to each call. Please whitelist my email address (Elaine@AvenueAdmin.com) so the email doesn’t end up in your spam folder. 

I can’t wait to help you Master Your Inbox!

Elaine Sellers



I was using Inbox Zero and had accumulated over 600 emails in my inbox. Happy to report after the workshop, I have only 30 emails in my inbox!!!  I feel liberated!! Thank you so much!  So simple and yet such powerful guidance. Barbara C.

Workshop Schedule

Each Workshop call will last 90 minutes. You will receive a reminder email with the Zoom link each week. Please mark your calendar for the dates below.

Thursday, September 23, 2 pm Eastern Time

Thursday, September 30, 2 pm Eastern Time

Thursday, October 7, 2 pm Eastern Time

Thursday, October 14, 2 pm Eastern Time

Save Time

Your presentation made me recognize how much time I was spending with that clutter each day/week. Your ideas and enthusiasm encouraged me to do a massive cleanout and reorganization of my inbox. Diane S.

Workshop Layout

My workshop includes four our weeks of live training and support for solopreneurs ready to take control of their inbox. I will guide you through a step-by-step process that will transform your inbox and you’ll see results right away! On our 90-minute Zoom calls we’ll explore principles of inbox management and discuss ways you can apply them to your business. Each week, you will get an action plan to apply what you’ve learned.

WEEK 1: Inbox Mindset Shift
Learn how your thinking affects your inbox, what email should (and shouldn’t!) be used for and how using it in other ways is adding to the clutter.

WEEK 2: Don’t Feed the Email Monster
Discover why you get so many emails and how you can stop the flood.

WEEK 3: The Organized Inbox
Understand how to separate incoming email so you see the most important messages first and how to use folders, filters, & subject lines to your advantage.

WEEK 4: Manage Email in Less Time
Beat stress and overwhelm with time-saving methods that allow you to handle your inbox with clarity and focus.