A point at which a vital decision must be made.

As a business owners, we make vital decisions every day. I understand the challenge of trying to “doing it all”… to keep up with all the tasks needed for business success.  We wear many hats including:

  1. Growing the business (email marketing, social media posting, networking)
  2. Managing the business (file organizing, CRM database, task management, prospect follow ups)
  3. Serving clients (providing the product or service)

It’s my passion to help you succeed and I will share tools, tips and processes to help you save time and increase productivity.

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“…hard-working, dedicated and pleasant to work with . ”    –Irene M.

“…has been, hands-down, the most proficient and professional administrative asset I have had the pleasure to work with. ”  –Bill S.

“Anyone who works with Elaine would find her to be someone you can rely on, someone who is diligent and committed…”  –Linda A.