Are you short on time, but big on goals? 

Do you feel busy, but not productive?

Hi… I’m Elaine Sellers, your Time Investment Consultant.


I’ve been where you are. I understand how overwhelming it is to do everything yourself.

When I opened my business, I struggled to stay focused and wasted a lot of time. Once I applied principles to streamline my work, I saved hours of time so I could work on my business instead of drowning in it. Now I know what it’s like to feel accomplished and fulfilled.

I learned the hard way, but you don’t have to!

I’m on a mission to help service-based solopreneurs – like you – to develop Time Investment solutions and provide support to implement them. You can have time for your business, yourself and your family.

I’m known for…

  • Supporting others with kindness. No judgement from me.
  • Breaking down complex and overwhelming work into simple, easy to follow steps.
  • Problem solving. Whatever the challenge, I can find an answer.
  • Building relationships. You are more than a calendar appointment and it’s my privilege to serve you.
  • Positive, encouraging outlook. I’ll be your cheerleader – you can do it!
  • Patient teacher. I’ll show you, step by step, how to get things done.

For over 25 years, I have supported individuals, departments and businesses in a variety of roles across a range of industries. I use my insight, experience, and expertise to solve problems to make your job easier.


When I’m not working on your business or mine, I enjoy a simple life in Chester County, PA focused on faith, family and friends. I like to cook, sing, play word games and watch good shows on TV. Most Saturdays you’ll find me jamming with my family band or creating a new recipe to share with those I care for.

I give a lot of myself to my family, friends, and clients. I’m a straightshooter who will always tell you as it is – with heart – because I care about your success!


Let’s schedule a no-obligation 30-minute Discovery Call.

I want to learn about you and your business and explore how I can best serve you.

My Mission

With a driving passion for small business success, I help solopreneurs manage their time. I develop solutions to streamline your work and create systems that will free you from the overwhelm of time-consuming tasks.

“…hard-working, dedicated and pleasant to work with . “
–Wendy V.

“…has been, hands-down, the most proficient and professional administrative asset I have had the pleasure to work with. “
–Bill S.

“Anyone who works with Elaine would find her to be someone you can rely on, someone who is diligent and committed…” 
–Linda A.